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Debbie attended her first Pilates class in Sydney, Australia and fell in love with the dynamic movement of Pilates. She was fascinated by the clarity and lightness that Pilates helped her discover in her body and was attracted to the total mind/body focus that Pilates exercises demanded.

After spending years encouraging others to experience Pilates for themselves, Debbie decided to begin Body Control Pilates Teacher Training so that she could introduce this functional movement to others. As a Pilates instructor, she has great appreciation for Pilates adaptability and enjoys building and pushing the limits of the body through dynamic movement.  She looks forward to meeting new people and creating programs that guide others towards a sense of simultaneous ease, strength, length, and awareness within the mind-body.

Debbie loves seeing the growth and strength others gain by the continual practice of Pilates. She will stretch your mind and body by giving exercises from beginners to advanced allowing you to see self growth through Pilates

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