Originally from Tehran, Iran, Anahita was introduced to yoga while working on her masters at University of Maryland (USA) in 2005. Yoga has always had a self-soothing effect on Anahita. That is why even when she travels, she makes sure to stop by local yoga studios to try their style of yoga and also to rejuvenate her mind and body.

During Anahita’s regular visit to Yama Yoga in Doha, Valerie encouraged her to take her yoga journey to the next level by starting her teacher training program. The teacher training program has given Anahita the opportunity to deepen her knowledge and practice of yoga, particularly Ashtanga and Vinyas styles.

One of Anahita’s biggest passions is to fight child labor and increase awareness to the difficult lives of underprivileged people through her yoga practice. Yoga has been a powerful tool for her to connect to people from different background in the parks and public places. Connecting to people though yoga, Anahita tries to raise their awareness about the brutality of child labor and the difficult lives of underprivileged people.

“Yoga is not a sport only for people with flawless bodies, it is a life style for everyone regardless of their age, race, and gender. A life style to return to wholeness, to love, to serve, to meditate, and to realize.” is a message Anahita tries to deliver to her students through their yoga practice.

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