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Asha has been practicing yoga for over 10 years in ashtanga and vinyasa.  Working in a fast-paced city in Canada, she discovered how much of a positive impact her yoga practice had on life, both mentally and physically, and helped her get through many stressful times.

After moving to Doha she realized she wanted to share this discovery with others.  The realization that a passion for yoga allows a busy life and a peaceful mind to coexist in harmony. She undertook the 200-hour teacher training program under the guidance Valerie Jeremijenko. She seeks to share her compassion, knowledge and practice with her students through her teaching classes which focus on combining breath and movement.  The breath as the calm, strong center amidst a tempest of movement.

She hopes to provide students with a serene space of comfort and a well-rounded class that leaves them feeling balanced and at ease.

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