Bollywood Dance for Adults


People around the world are falling in love with unique Bollywood blend of energetic dance, glitzy costumes and spectacular musical numbers. Bollywood dance’ is a fusion style popularized by the Bollywood film industry.

Adult Ballet course


Return to your passion for ballet or explore a new form. This course will focus on fitness, creativity and self-expression through the time tested methods of ballet.

Belly Dance


Nicole is an internationally trained Belly Dancer with experience spanning over 10 years.  She has trained and performed with internationally acclaimed dancers.

Kizomba Dance Course


A partner dance and music originating from Angola, which is exponentially gaining popularity around the Globe, Kizomba, a derivative of Semba (another Angolan music

Introduction to Karate

Photo 2017-04-22, 5 02 06 PM

In this 6 week course you will be introduced to the traditional martial art, Shito-Ryu Genbukai karate.

One of the 4 original styles of karate, shito closest to its jujutsu roots,

Tai Chi – Meditation


This course is intended to understand how relaxation in motion can happen. Learn tai chi movement and posture principles that will give you strength without stress, using your Dantian (“Elixir Field”) as the powerhouse for all motion.

All of the instructors of Yama Yoga’s special courses have completed a year long 200 hour program with Yama Yoga and many of them are also qualified at the 500 hour level as senior yoga teachers. Each has specialized in an specific area and teaches in their expertise. All are eager to share their love of yoga with you.

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