Adult Contemporary Dance Workshops

We are busier than ever in today’s world, walking a tightrope trying to balance work and life.  We pile on more work and tasks, until we are physically drained because of stress.

Stress is a natural physical and mental, reaction to life experiences.  Stress hormones trigger your body’s “Fight or Flight” responses, causing your heart to race, your breath to speed up, and your muscles tighten.  If stress continues elevating, it can take a long-term toll on your health.

It’s time we take control of managing our stress.

Through coaching and mental tools, we can manage our time and our goals in a more focused way.  With organization, we can remain motivated and minimize our stress.  And through yoga’s controlled breathing and physical poses, we learn how our bodies adapt towards physical relaxation.


60 minutes  

  • Hatha Yoga (Level 1)

—- Break —

20 minutes 

  • Stress Decoded (causes and physical & emotional impacts). Work place stress.  Stress Awareness & Tools.

75 minutes       

  • De-Stress via Coaching & Vision Boarding. Leverage visualization to de-clutter your mind & prioritize goals.

—- Break—

30 minutes

  • De-Stress via Mind Mapping & Organization Mind Mapping to create actions. 3-month plan to support one via journaling, reflections & actions.

30 minutes   

  • Sound Meditation
  • Michelle Wu
    Michelle WuYoga Teacher

    Michelle is VP of Digital Technology at a multi-national Fortune company, and a TEDx speaker.  Michelle is often invited as a panelist to discuss women mentorship and gender diversity topics at large conferences, including GiTEX and TEDxAlWaslWomen in Dubai.

    With high-stress work and travel, Michelle has developed tools to manage stress and her wellbeing.  Since 2016, Michelle has conducted workshops on helping busy professional de-stress and re-center themselves.

    Michelle is an ICF ACC certified coach, with PCC credentials via University of Miami.  Michelle is a certified RYT200 yoga instructor via Yama Yoga Studio, and Davidji certified meditation teacher.

    Price and Terms

    FEBRUARY 23rd – ASAS

    12:30 – 5:00 PM

    450 QR

    EB price 400 QR if paid by Feb 9th

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