Erin Gibson

Erin had been practicing Ashtanga yoga casually for several years before moving to Doha in 2008 where she fell into more regular practice at Yama Yoga studios (formerly Pepka!) and immediately appreciated all that the studio had to offer a new expat to Qatar.  Having danced ballet her entire life – performing, competing, and teaching in Canada before moving to Hong Kong to teach for several years – yoga gradually began to fill the void created when dance became harder to come by as an adult.  She now dances around the kitchen as she cooks (another passion), and gets her mind/body fix through nearly daily yoga practice: primarily Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga. 

She believes in a studio class’s capacity to transform people’s experiences of the city by providing sanctuary and fostering sense of community; both being difficult for many to come by in Doha.  Erin has seen Yama Yoga Studios flourish over the past 9 years from a single room studio into a well-established and important community enterprise under Ms. Valerie Jeremijenko, through whom she completed the 200-hour training program (RYT 200) with in Bulgaria over the summer of 2016. She has since attended workshops by both Simon Borg-Oliver and the renowned John Scott, and recently completed a 50-hr training course “Mastering the Art of Vinyasa” Jason Crandell in Hong Kong (December 2016).
Erin is an avid runner and thoroughly enjoys the support yoga lends to her race training.  Having struggled with sciatica and chronic lower back problems for many years, she is a strong believer in the importance of listening to, and honoring the body’s limitations, and encourages her students to be compassionate with themselves every time they step onto the mat.  She strives to promote a loving and accepting space in her studio classes, with every session beginning and ending with a thoughtful meditation aimed at promoting self-acceptance and enjoyment of the collective experience that each hour+15min class has to offer.
Erin offers Vinyasa classes designed around long and well-considered warmups that prepare the mind and open the body for dynamic and challenging strength-building sequences having strong emphasis on core stability.  She is an enthusiastic believer in the benefits both physically and emotionally of Yin Yoga, and likes to close out her Vinyasa classes with long-hold, yin-inspired stretching sequences for a truly soothing transition off the mat. 
She is thrilled to be sharing Yin practice with students in candle-lit setting Wednesday nights, 8pm at Yama Yoga Asas Studio.  
Erin currently teaches regularly out of Yama Yoga Asas Studio: Monday evenings (Vinyasa ½ @ 5pm) & Wednesday evenings (Candel-Lit Yin @ 8pm). 


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