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A partner dance and music originating from Angola, which is exponentially gaining popularity around the Globe, Kizomba, a derivative of Semba (another Angolan music and dance) emphasizes the expression of musical interpretation through continuous movement and connection. It is ideal for people of all dance backgrounds, ages, and skill levels. Kizomba is an appealing first choice for entry partner dance because the basics are comfortable to grasp, and enjoyable in a shorter amount of time than other dances. Experienced dancers gain intricate fun techniques that can be applied to all other partner dances forms.

  • Lypza
    LypzaDance Teacher

    Lypza is a movement practitioner who specializes in the art of using natural movement patterns to create functional flow of energy to improve aerobic and anaerobic capabilities for a creative lifestyle. His practice focus on increasing body intelligence through movements motifs and phrasing using music, dance, and acrobatic/gymnastics elements as a key driver for creating expressive meaning

    6-week Course.

    Asas Towers Studio

    Saturdays 7.30 pm
    Starting Sep 9 – Oct 21
    QR 420

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