Introduction to Karate

Introduction to Karate

In this 6 week course you will be introduced to the traditional martial art, Shito-Ryu Genbukai karate.

One of the 4 original styles of karate, shito closest to its jujutsu roots, retaining throws, chokes and joint locks along with blocks and strikes. During these 6 sessions you will learn basic movements and body positionin build strength and flexibility, and you’ll practice self defence  that works. You will learn some of the philosophy underlying karate and the relevance of karate concepts and techniques in other areas of life  such as health, peace of mind and organizational leadership. We’ll also have a lot of fun..

  • Byrad Yyelland
    Byrad YyellandMartial Arts Trainer

    Byrad Yyelland has been studying karate for almost 20 years and is the only instructor of this style in Qatar. Byrad holds Ni Dan rank (2nd degree black belt) after having been personally tested by Shihan (master) Fumio Demura legend in the world of martial a more about Shihan Demura see the movie ‘The Real Miyagi’, available on Netflix).


    6 Week Course
    Early Bird price of QR400
    If paid by September 1

    Asas Studio
    Fridays 9.30 Am
    Starting Sep 29th

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