Pilates for Bone Health

Pilates for Bone Health (Osteoporosis):

One in three women and one in twelve men over the age of 50 are affected by low bone density. With many Pilates clients falling into the 50 years plus age bracket, this is a condition that we need to consider when designing Pilates programmes for this sector.

Low bone mass (osteopenia) is indicated by a Bone Mineral Density with a Standard Deviation of 1-2.5 below the young adult mean (known as the Target 1 group). Osteoporosis is indicated by a Bone Mineral Density with a Standard Deviation of 2.5 or more below the young adult mean (Target 2 group). Severe osteoporosis is indicated by not only a Bone Mineral Density with a Standard Deviation of more than 2.5 below the mean, but also with one or more osteoporosis-related fractures (Target 3 group).


This  course  (part  theory,  part  practical)  will  update  participants  on  the  latest medical research on the above and will discuss how the latest findings affect the way  that  we,  as  Pilates teachers, teach  clients from within the Target  1 and  2 groups.

The aims of the course are:

  • To briefly examine osteoporosis and osteopenia; fracture sites, risk factors, BMD testing
  • To consider the effectiveness of exercise
  • To review the main objectives of Pilates training for these conditions – assess the latest US and UK guidelines on contraindicated movement
  • To create a programme of recommended Matwork exercises for clients in Target 1 and 2 groups, introducing a variety of new exercises, some utilizing smaller lighter apparatus such as foam rollers, physioballs, and weights

ABOUT Philippa Satchwell

Philippa is a Chartered Physiotherapist with more than 25 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry and first came across the Pilates Method whilst working in Occupational Health and running a corporate fitness facility. Recognizing the far reaching benefits, she trained with Body Control Pilates in 1999 and her private clients now cover the full range from elite sportsmen to those looking for a way to manage chronic back pain.

Philippa has been a course tutor for Body Control Pilates for more than 10 years and is now Programme Director for the Low Back Pain and Exercise Referral programmes, as well as being a tutor on the Body Control Pilates teacher training course and on various special populations courses. Philippa helps deliver many of the international courses, being a regular visitor to Qatar, Japan and various European countries. Based in the South-west of England, Philippa also coordinates student and supervising teacher support for that region.

Course Details

October 13th at Al Waab Studio


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