Radhika strongly believes the mind and the body are connected and only when the Mind and Body are in harmony that we can be our very best.

Radhika is at her highest and best when she can create change, making her students both physically and mentally strong. She brings her knowledge of Yoga Philosophy, breathing exercises and meditation techniques to help clients manage their stress and gives them easy techniques that can be incorporated into their daily lives. She believes it is only through “Tapas” meaning heat, of discipline that true insights are unfolded creating a terrain for change and in turn finding your potential.

Radhika has done he 500 hours teacher training under Valerie Jerimijenko and many other well-known and renowned teachers like Nicki Knoff, Tiffany Kruikshank, Chris Chavez, Michael Gannon, Max storm, she is also a reiki healer and uses all the components of meditation and pranayama in her yoga classes to bring about that environment for change.

Radhika is also a trained Health Coach and understands the importance of a good diet and proper nutrition that feeds the body just as good and positive thoughts feed the mind. She uses these principles to guide clients to make behavioral changes resulting in a sturdy Body and strong Mind.

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