Sound meditation with Gongs and Himalayan Singing Bowls with Samuel

Gong Yoga

Gong Yoga uses gongs, himalayan singing bowls, tingshaws, chimes, bells and other percussion instruments to guide people through a sound meditation. The practice can bring inner peace, balance and a feeling of ‘oneness’ along with a deeper state of relaxation and presence.

About Samuel

Samuel has lived in Doha, Qatar with his wife for eighteen months. He is from the Kapiti Coast in New Zealand. He first heard the gong and Himalayan singing bowls played by Frank Perry in England 1999. Since then he has loved playing and listening to their wonderful and mysterious sounds. In September 2016, he completed a singing bowl practioner training course in Qatar.

Samuel will share the Gong Yoga practice on instruments he has sourced from around the world. The singing bowls are mostly from Kathmandu, Nepal, the Paiste Gongs from Nabraska, USA, and the range of smaller instruments from the UK. He really enjoys sharing the sound with people from all walks of life, and looks forward to meeting you at the Yama Yoga Studio.

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JAN 26th, FEB 23rd.



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