Tai Chi – Mental & Spiritual Equilibrium


Tai Chi – Mental & Spiritual Equilibrium

“To improve your health, medicine is not as good as food/nutrition; food/nutrition is not as good as qi(gong); qi(gong) is not as good as spiritual nourishment.”

Tai Chi derives its principles from Taoist thought. It seeks a balance of Yin and Yang, soft and hard, yielding and strength…

“Song (relaxation) and jing (tranquility/quietness) are the reasons why qigong can heal you.“

Qigong, or “energy work”, is mind/body/spirit exercise that improves health through stillness and mindful-movement practices.

3-Week Course – Meditation & Mindfulness, May 27 to June 10 2017.

Come learn methods for functional meditation, taking full advantage of the spiritual season of Ramadan. No experience required – students are partners in learning and are expected to help each other grow.

  • Classes include:
    1) Detailed instruction in 5 basic Qigong exercises, which were daily practices of Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang.
    2) Mindfulness principles for Understanding Reality through Awareness, using mental tools of reflection for enhancing inner tranquility, influenced by Yin/Yang theory.
    3) Sitting, standing and lying down Qigong and meditation practices.

Want more information? Email yamayogastudios@gmail.com.
250 QAR for 3-week Saturday morning course, or 100 QAR per
2-hour drop-in. Note the last 20-30 minutes of class will be open
for review of previous courses, questions and discussion.
Drop-ins welcome. Saturday mornings 10:30-12:30.
Yama Yoga Studio, Al-Waab

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