14-Week Course – Qigong & Beginner 7-Form Study

September Tai Chi Courses and Classes

Tai Chi blends balance, coordination and flexibility training to strengthen the body gently with a “no pain, more gain” philosophy. Use breath control and meditative intent to learn Zhuang Ding (“Central Equilibrium”) during movement and stillness.

The course is designed for people of all levels. Whether you are wondering what Tai Chi is or looking to deepen your practice, we are all learning and help each other to grow.

For beginners: learn a basic sequence of choreographed movements taught by a Center for Taiji Studies certified instructor.

Lose yourself in the rhythmic flow of the forms. Anxiety and daily stress dissolve away.

For those familiar with the form: Deepen your understanding of energy flow, use of full-body movement for power generation.

Come learn from the rich cultural heritage of one of China’s most popular forms of group exercise.

About Kurt

Kurt began his journey with Tai Chi in 1998, first as an adjunct of his Kung Fu training for developing fluidity and central equilibrium in forms and martial applications. Through this, he began to appreciate the value of mindfulness and meditation as methods of developing not only equilibrium within the body, but also the mind and spirit.

As a physiotherapist, Kurt is able to merge his knowledge of anatomy and human movement with the dynamic, complex Chen-style of Tai Chi.

Tai Chi Forms: 14 week course Sept 16 – Dec 16 Saturdays: 10:30-12:00, Al Waab Studios.

QAR 1000 – Drop-Ins Welcome! (QAR 100 per Session)

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