18-week course

Jan 13 – May 12

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Advanced Matwork Pilates course


Tai Chi combines balance, coordination and flexibility to strength the body gently with a “no pain, more gain” philosophy.

Uses breath control and meditative intent to learn Zhuang Ding (“Central Equilibrium”) during movement and stillness. This cultivates a balanced body and mind.


This year, we will learn a portion of Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang’ s 48-form. This is simple and fun, yet effective routine, blends Chinese philosophy, healing and martial arts with western science  and is specifically designed for self-healing.

Course Includes:

  • Ongoing refinement of 7-form
  • Detailed instruction on 12 of the 48 forms
  • Mindfulness meditation & reflection on “what is always true”
  • Partnered exercises

The 48-form is considered more advanced than -form but, as with all things Tai Chi – easy, moderate and advanced version are available for all levels.


you can practice Tai chi Quan while you are walking, standing, sitting and laying

This method is to use your mind to circulate the “chi” and find the feeling

-Tung Yung Chieh (Tai Chi Master)

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