Yama Yoga offers an ongoing series of very exciting workshops that draws teachers from around the world and students from around the region

Past workshops have included programs with Simon Borg Olivier,  John Scott, Alison West, Pascal Weis, Nicky Knoff, Gulnaaz Dasthi, Lisboa & Simon Calder, Kristina Karitinou, Noah Mckeena, Dice & Briohny, Brian Campbell, Max Storm, Petri & Wambui, Jules Febre, Renee Mcnamaro Cerro, Michael Gannon, Tiffany Cruikshank, Yogeswari, Bridegt Woods Krammer, Dave Oliver & Cheryl Oliver, Azita Dadfur, Kathryn Budig, Lino Miele, Dylan Warner, Beta and Sai Calder and many more.

We are excited to announce our 2017-18 season of International Workshops.

The Roll Model® Method: The Science of Rolling


The Science of Rolling: November 24th at Asas Studio 9Am-5pm

Put the power of self-myofascial release into your own hands in this training that empowers you to personally adopt and teach effectively simple self-care regimens.

Astanga Yoga with Adam Keen


Astanga Yoga Workshop Dec 7, 8, 9 – 2017 – Al Waab Studio
Mysore 10, 11, 12, 13 – 5 – 6.30/7 pm – Asas Studios

Adam had been a student of yoga and maintained a daily practice and study for the past 20 yrs. He has been fortunate to study in depth with many of the most well know teachers as well as making extensive trips to Mysore,

The Roll Model® Method: Ball Sequencing & Innovation


Ball Sequencing & Innovation: January 19th at Asas Studio 9Am-5pm

Become a leader in the self-care fitness revolution. Distinguish your teaching of myofascial self-care for every client and context. Provide a wide variety of soft-tissue self-care solutions for every client and condition while utilising the four different sized Roll Model® Therapy Balls.



Max Strom: January  11 th ,12 th and 13 th

Max Strom, a global teacher, speaker, author, and trainer, known for profoundly inspiring and impacting the lives of his students for nearly two decades, will teach in Doha at Yama Yoga Wellness on Jan 11 th ,12 th and 13 th . His sessions will include workshops on Refining
Communication, Vital Life: Better Sleep and The Internal Technology of Happiness.

Bruce Bowditch


YogaThe Power of Prana and Asana with Bruce : February 15 th , 16 th and 17 th 2018 -Alwaab Studio

Understanding the Energy Body and Enhancing Life Force through your Yoga Asanas.

Ian Lewis


Ian Lewis Workshop March 15th – 17th 2018

Ian has been studying and practicing yoga since 1965, beginning with Swami Bramachari Ji. He had the privilege of studying and learning from Swami Rudra Dev and Yogi Ashokananda. Two teachers and his friends who have guided and supported him on his yogic path are Justin Herold, Thailand and Emil Wendel, Bali.


Julie Martin: March 26, 27 and 28

Sheldon Shannon: One of Toronto’s most sought after master teachers known for his challenging classes, creativity and innovation.

May 24, 25 and 26



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